basilico, london pizza experts, will consider franchising applications for suitable outer London suburbs, Oxford, Cambridge and major metropolitan areas. a basilico franchise gives access to a strong, rapidly growing, premium quality pizza delivery brand with key points of differentiation :- wood fired ovens. specially formulated dough, made fresh seven days a week. authentic Italian ingredients from Campania, Puglia, Lombardia and Veneto. regular, inventive menu innovation. a beautifully photographed and presented website. basilico's own web ordering platform, now handling more than 60 per cent of delivered orders. growth from innovation and product quality, not discounting. regular targeted e-marketing and planning support. online ordering loyalty scheme interested candidates should fill out the on-line application form available below.    fields marked with * are required fields - you may leave unmarked fields blank.
our head office is at 690 fulham road, london sw6 5sa please do not use this form for customer feedback.
tell us what you think!you are important to us! by taking time to fill out this short questionnaire, you help us expand our list of products and serve you better. please enter your answers to the questions below in the entry fields provided. then click the Submit button at the bottom of this page to send your comments directly to us.
basilico are a woodfired pizza delivery business. with our expansion programme, we are always seeking well-motivated, energetic candidates for a variety of roles: from pizza delivery drivers to pizza unit managers.

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PAPA Winner 2015

why choose an 18inch pizza?

our 18 inch size is almost twice as large as the large/xl pizzas (currently 13 1/2 inch) sold by the industrial pizza delivery companies.

we provide the finest quality woodfired pizza london and great value for money. you can order your pizza whole, in 8 slices, or 12 slices and can choose to have each half topped differently eg americana/vegetarian.

our pizzas are perfect for sharing and for meetings or events.