• valentine's day offer
valentine's day offer
8 February 2017

valentine's day offer

before you book at an average overpriced restaurant...

enjoying delicious food with your other half is something of a valentine’s staple – but wouldn’t it be nice if - instead of labouring over a hot stove, or paying through the nose for some cliché-filled set menu - you could snuggle up at home, with good wine, some candles, and a hand-crafted pizza made especially for your valentine?

celebrate this valentines day with any 13 inch pizza*, any dessert and a bottle of docg prosecco for only £25.00.

the offer is valid from 13th to 15th february inclusive

*£3.95 supplement for our luxury burrata bresaola and porcini tartufata pizzas

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PAPA Winner 2015

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monday-sunday 11:00am-late

quoteBritain’s best pizza takeaway and delivery restaurant Pizza and Pasta Association

why choose an 18inch pizza?

our 18 inch size is almost twice as large as the large/xl pizzas (currently 13 1/2 inch) sold by the industrial pizza delivery companies.

we provide the finest quality woodfired pizza london and great value for money. you can order your pizza whole, in 8 slices, or 12 slices and can choose to have each half topped differently eg americana/vegetarian.

our pizzas are perfect for sharing and for meetings or events.