• Our New Kale Sweet Potato Pizza
Our New Kale Sweet Potato Pizza
5 July 2017
Basilico's New Summer Pizza Line Up
Recently we asked you to vote for your favourite pizza, from a selection of five exciting options, to become the new addition to our menu this summer. You did and now the final results are in!

From the 10th of July we will be introducing to our regular menu not one, but two new pizzas – the Kale Sweet Potato and the Fontina Pancetta, both perfect for enjoying al fresco this summer with a Basilico's pizza get-together.

Our New Veggie Delight

The first of our two new options is the Kale Sweet Potato, a rich and tasty dish that will keep you feeling healthy as well as tasting good. Adding to our vegetarian options this pizza is perfect for those who want a meat-free option that won't compromise on flavour. Topped with vitamin-C rich pieces of artichoke, fresh kale the iron-packed leafy veg, sweet potato slices which are an excellent source of minerals such as manganese and potassium, and not forgetting the energy-boosting pine nuts this creation really is the superfood of pizzas. Mixed with a little hint of decadence from the truffle oil that we've infused the sweet potato in, and a tangy contrast from the Greek feta cheese it's not hard to see why the Kale Sweet Potato was a winner! Enjoy this as part of a healthy Basilico banquet, accompanied by a selection of vegetarian antipasti and some freshly-made smoothies for a meal that is healthy and flavourful.

Our First Fontina Pizza

The second pizza you chose for us to bring to you this summer was the Fontina Pancetta, and we're very excited to be introducing it as our first pizza to feature fontina cheese. Produced exclusively in the hills of northern Italy, this semi-soft cheese has a distinct yet gentle buttery, nutty flavour. We have chosen to compliment this smooth flavour with crispy pancetta, sweet and sharp red pepper pesto, and red onions. The result? A perfect summer pizza, full of bright, fresh flavours. We think the Fontina Pancetta is best enjoyed with a couple of ice cold Birra Moretti and a salad of rocket, parmesan shavings, and sunblush tomatoes, for a side dish that continues those summer flavours throughout your Basilico dinner.

This summer give one of these pizzas, that you helped us choose, a go and let us know what you think! Which one is your favourite? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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