• Say "I love you"...with pizza!
Say "I love you"...with pizza!
1 February 2017
If Pizza be the Food of Love...

Nothing says "I love you" like delicious food - and it's all the better when you can show there is some thought behind it...

There are just two weeks to go until Valentine’s Day – and, if you are anything like us, it has crept up on you unawares and you have nothing planned. Thankfully for you, we love a little love here at Basilico, so our posts for the next two weeks will be entirely designed to help you. Starting with how to say “I love you” with pizza…


Enjoying delicious food with your other half is something of a Valentine’s staple – but wouldn’t it be nice if - instead of labouring over a hot stove, or paying through the nose for some cliché-filled set menu - you could snuggle up at home, with good wine, some candles, and a hand-crafted pizza made especially for your Valentine? With Basilico’s handy customise feature, you can create any pizza you want, with all of your beloved’s favourite toppings. Need a little inspiration?


The Sweet Surprise

For the cutesy couples of the world, this pizza is one sweet Valentine’s treat. A cream base, topped with caramelised red onions, earthy roasted butternut squash, dolcelatte and ricotta, the only way to make this pizza more Valentine-appropriate is by having cherubs serve it (but they cost extra). 


The Fiery Passion

Looking to inject a little heat in your February 14th? This sizzling option is sure to do it – with fiery fresh Scotch Bonnet chillies, sumptuous sun-blushed tomatoes, spicy Nduja sausage and crumbled, roasted chorizo, all given a smooth finish with creamy burrata, this is one piccante pizza, perfect for real red-blooded gourmands.


The Indulgent Deluxe

Because the love of your life deserves a little luxury. Featuring our prosecco-marc Santa Lucia cheese, artisanal capocollo salami, wild mushrooms, rich tartufata, and a drizzle of truffle oil, this decadent pizza is the perfect way to spoil your other half rotten.


Alternatively, create your own Valentine’s masterpiece and show your loved one how well you know them – without having to lift a finger. What’s not to love?


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why choose an 18inch pizza?

our 18 inch size is almost twice as large as the large/xl pizzas (currently 13 1/2 inch) sold by the industrial pizza delivery companies.

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