• Our New Oddono's Ice Cream Range
Our New Oddono's Ice Cream Range
28 June 2017
Life's Too Short to Eat Bad Ice Cream
Everyone knows that there are few things more desirable on a hot summer day than a great-tasting ice cream to cool you off.

Our new ice cream supplier, the award-winning Oddono's Gelati, creates simple, authentic gelato that will not only keep you cool but also take you on a trip to Italy via your taste buds!

Established in 2004, Oddono's Gelati is the brain child of Christian Oddono, whose inspiration came from memories of his grandmother's homemade gelato back in Italy. Christian saw an opening in the London market for good-quality ice cream and jumped at the opportunity to bring some of the flavours of his home country to Britain with the help of a team which shares his passion for authenticity. With a mission to deliver fresh, all-natural ice cream Oddono's uses only real ingredients, sourced from all over the world. Vanilla from Madagascar, natural pistachios from Sicily, Valhrona chocolate from France, all carefully chosen to create the best-tasting ice creams, with a range of over 130 flavours. To keep their gelati as simple and natural as possible, it is all made in their Artisan Laboratory, daily and from scratch following in-house recipes, with each ingredient added individually to get the flavours just right.

Just in time for summer we have teamed up with Oddono's to offer you four of their spectacular flavours: the mint and chocolate, a rich, smooth ice cream with a hint of freshness; a decadent salted caramel flavour, perfect for a dessert of pure indulgence; cookies and cream ice cream, a fun comfort food option for summer; and a light and zingy lemon sorbet, the ideal palate cleanser to quench your thirst on a hot summer's day.

Having won a prestigious, world-renowned Great Taste award for the “best speciality in the South East” with Oddono's Gelati you're guaranteed a tasty frozen treat of the finest quality. Want to give it a go? We now offer ice cream in a new 125ml size, perfect for a little sweet treat at the end of your meal. We also offer a bigger, 500ml serving, perfectly sized for sharing... or for one if you just can't get enough of Oddono's fresh Italian gelato! Pick your favourite flavour and enjoy it as the perfect summer dolce.

Which is your favourite of our new Oddono's ice creams? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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