• pizza kasa
  • pizza greco
  • pera noci
  • pizza ortica
  • fontina pancetta

which pizza should we list for summer?

pizza kasa
pizza greco
pera noci
pizza ortica
fontina pancetta
help us choose our new mid summer pizza - which pizza is your favourite?

as part of our ongoing menu enhancement we will be changing our menu mid-summer.

we would like our customers' help in choosing which of the following pizzas will feature in the new menu. we would like you to pick your favourite pizza from the following list:

  • pizza kasa: mozzarella, curly kale, artichokes, feta cheese and truffle infused sweet potatoes
  • pizza greco : black olives, feta cheese, mozzarella, steamed artichokes and basil pesto
  • pera noci: mozzarella, italian salami, pears, walnuts and honey
  • pizza ortica: nettle puree, mozzarella, roasted peppers and smoked chicken
  • fontina pancetta: mozzarella, fontina cheese, pancetta, red onions, fresh oregano and basilico pizza sauce

which is your favourite?

This poll is now closed

pizza kasa
33% (75 votes)
pizza greco
20% (45 votes)
pera noci
13% (30 votes)
pizza ortica
6% (14 votes)
fontina pancetta
28% (65 votes)
Total votes: 229

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quotePizza funghi au Truffle is possibly the most decadent pizza on the market. The Guardian, Guide

why choose an 18inch pizza?

our 18 inch size is almost twice as large as the large/xl pizzas (currently 13 1/2 inch) sold by the industrial pizza delivery companies.

we provide the finest quality woodfired pizza london and great value for money. you can order your pizza whole, in 8 slices, or 12 slices and can choose to have each half topped differently eg americana/vegetarian.

our pizzas are perfect for sharing and for meetings or events.