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quoteBasilico follows a simple recipe and the results are invariably excellent. The Mirror, The A List

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wood fired oven

at basilico our wood fired pizzas are hand made on the premises and then baked in a traditional wood fired brick oven at 500 degrees F.

this method gives a superb crisp texture and a unique and light flavour.

like all our dishes, the wood fired pizzas use only the finest, freshest ingredients – ideal for the health conscious.

for an authentic wood fired pizza delivery, start by choosing your pizza then order your woodfired pizza online. 

why choose an 18inch pizza?

our 18 inch size is almost twice as large as the large/xl pizzas (currently 13 1/2 inch) sold by the industrial pizza delivery companies.

we provide the finest quality woodfired pizza london and great value for money. you can order your pizza whole, in 8 slices, or 12 slices and can choose to have each half topped differently eg americana/vegetarian.

our pizzas are perfect for sharing and for meetings or events.