Basilico's Pizza Road Trip

  • Basilico's Pizza Road Trip

Basilico's Pizza Road Trip

No time for a holiday this summer? Missing out on a break abroad doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the perks of a foreign country. Take a foodie trip around Italy this summer with a selection of Basilico's gourmet pizzas from the comfort of your own home.

A Roman Holiday

Avoid the hustle and bustle of Italy's capital without missing out on the best of its cuisine and start your tour of Italy with our Pizza Roma. Roman cuisine uses lots of seasonal ingredients from the local region. We've replicated these clean flavours with a bed of fresh, peppery rocket and grilled aubergines. Topping this fresh veg is our thinly sliced prosciutto crudo, an integral ingredient of many traditional Roman dishes, basil pesto, and flakes of parmesan cheese. Want a pizza that reflects even more of the capital's signature flavours? Customise your Pizza Roma with slices of artichoke, one of Rome's most famous ingredients.

Travel to Naples

Next on your culinary road trip stop off in Naples, the city that claims to be the birthplace of authentic pizza! If you want to step it up from their traditional Pizza Margherita try out our Pizza Napoli. Topped with black olives, roasted chorizo, prosciutto crudo, and pesto sauce this is a satisfying pizza that packs a flavour punch. Neapolitan cuisine combines traditional Italian dishes with spicier ingredients, such as hot green peppers. The final ingredient on our Pizza Napoli, spicy Italian pepperoni, makes this a pizza with a little added kick.

A Sicilian Supper

Finish off your tour with a dish inspired by the fresh flavours of the Italian island of Sicily. While Sicily exports much of its produce, it imports very little so Sicilian dishes are made with very seasonal ingredients. Our homage to Sicilian cuisine? A veggie pizza full of fresh, summery flavours. Experience a little of the warm, sunny Sicilian summer with our sun blushed tomatoes and pieces of artichoke, drizzled with our sharp and sweet red pepper pesto. A traditional Sicilian pizza is topped with fresh vegetables and a strong cheese, such as caciocavollo, and, with this in mind, we've chosen to compliment the flavours of our Pizza Sicilian with the distinct taste of goat's cheese.

Staying in London this summer doesn't mean you have to miss out on that holiday feeling. Basilico provides the perfect alternative to a holiday in the Mediterranean, taking you there with our selection of region-inspired pizzas.  

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