Celebrating Easter Italian-Style

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Celebrating Easter Italian-Style

At Basilico we believe pizza can go just as perfectly with Easter celebrations as chocolate does!

We have a whole range of options that will help you channel a little Italy in your festivities this year. As well as traditionally being a Christian celebration, Easter coincides with the beginning of Spring. Much of the produce of Spring has been incorporated into the foods chosen to celebrate Easter.

Quattro Stagioni - In ancient Rome, artichokes were considered an exotic delicacy, and have since become one of Italy's favourite vegetables. Today they are a key component of Italian Easter meals as well as a symbol of Spring – and, more importantly, a crucial element on our Quattro Stagioni pizza. Paired with tomato, basil, olives, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms and anchovies, this pizza delivers fresh flavours that will reawaken your taste buds.


Santa Lucia – Another, much used vegetable in Italian festivities is asparagus. During spring it is common for people in rural areas to go out foraging for wild asparagus and it is such a loved vegetable that they even hold asparagus festivals throughout Italy every year. We have made use of this delicate and crisp vegetable in our Santa Lucia pizza, and have paired it with roasted red peppers, pancetta, santa lucia cheese, pine and pistachio nuts, grated grana, cream and mozzarella. The result is a fresh and light pizza, perfect for enjoying on a sunny Easter Sunday.


Tutto Salumi - One of Italy's traditional Easter dishes is their Easter Pie, and different variants of it are served, in most regions of Italy. It is made up of a pastry case filled with a variety of cheeses and Italian meats such as salami, pepperoni, ricotta, and mozzarella, held together with egg. It is traditionally eaten when Italians break Lent - you can re-create this warming and festive dish for yourself by taking our Tutto Salami pizza and customising it with ricotta and free-range egg.


Customise Your Own - If you are feeling creative why not take our Margherita and add toppings to create your own special Easter meal? Italians use a lot of eggs in their Easter recipes. Before technologies developed to allow chickens to lay eggs all year round, they were only available during the Spring and, as such, are a celebration of the coming of the season. In current-day Easter celebrations eggs are used to symbolise the stone that was rolled away at the resurrection. Pay tribute to this tradition by adding free-range egg to your pizza, along with a range of Spring-time vegetables like asparagus, artichoke, or cherry tomatoes for a pizza that tastes as light as Spring itself.


Nutella and Strawberry Pizzetta - Of course, no Easter celebration would be complete without chocolate, and what better way to round off your Easter pizza meal than with our pizzetta dessert, a very thin pizza base generously covered with Nutella and sprinkled with slices of strawberry and crumbled hazelnuts.

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