Create the Perfect Summer Pizza

  • Create the Perfect Summer Pizza

Create the Perfect Summer Pizza

Summer is the perfect time for cooling off with ice cream and cool drinks. Here at Basilico though we believe that the right pizza, topped with plenty of fresh vegetables and summer produce, can be just as refreshing.

In fact, we think it's the perfect opportunity to let your culinary creativity run wild. With summer well and truly here make the most of the season and design your perfect summer pizza. Enjoy the best of seasonal produce and create a dish that suits your tastes and will keep you satisfied during the summer months.

For the Veggie Lover

The range of vegetables on offer in summer is vast, so take advantage of this and choose from a variety of fresh toppings. Why not try a combination of crisp, peppery rocket with some red peppers, and roasted courgettes for a pizza that tastes just like summer? Add some Greek feta cheese for a little tang that will perfectly complement the sweetness of the red peppers and the smokiness of the courgettes.

For the Meat Eater

Looking for a pizza with a little more meat to it? Design your summer pizza with some thin, light slices of prosciutto as the starring ingredient. Pair it will a mellow and subtle cheese, like our new fontina, and sweet caramelised onion to cut through the saltiness of the prosciutto. Looking for a lighter combination? Opt for a pizza topped with smoked chicken slices, fresh spinach leaves, and creamy, fresh ricotta cheese.

For the One Who Can't Choose

Can't decide what you'd put on your perfect summer pizza? With our wide range of pizzas there's sure to be something that takes your fantasy. Give our Pizza Sicilian a go, with slices of artichoke, roasted red peppers, and sun blushed tomatoes, this pizza is full of fresh flavours. Perfectly combined with goat's cheese and red pepper pesto this veggie pizza packs a serious flavour punch. Alternatively, treat yourself to a night of decadence with our Pizza Funghi au Truffle, where we've combined wild mushrooms with ripe, fresh tomatoes, smooth mozzarella, and salty Italian salami. Taking this pizza to the next level, we drizzle it in truffle oil, for a subtle hint of this special and unique flavour.

Whichever toppings you go for, allow Basilico to show you that pizza is the ideal meal for every season. How would you top your summer pizza? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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