Create Your Own Family Ferragosto Feast

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Create Your Own Family Ferragosto Feast

Every year, on the 15th of August, the people of Italy celebrate the Assumption of Mary, with a public holiday known in the country as Ferragosto. The celebration actually has roots dating back to 18BC when the Feriae Augusti (festivals of the Emperor Augustus) were introduced, and the present-day manifestation celebrates both this and the Catholic roots.

Among other festivities, such as fireworks in Liguria, dancing in Rome, and historical pageants in Tuscany, Italians celebrate this holiday with a family feast, often in the form of a picnic to make the most of the hot August weather. Not in Italy? Never fear, you can still participate in the celebrations by turning your family lunch or dinner into a Ferragosto feast with a little inspiration from Italy and the help of Basilico!

There are several traditional dishes that are made all over the country to be enjoyed on the 15th of August as well as more local delicacies that vary from region to region. In Rome one of the most traditional Ferragosto dishes is a stew of chicken with peppers. Enjoy this combination with our Pollo Tricolore pizza, which combines smoked chicken with roasted red peppers, alongside spinach, double cream and feta cheese. Fish dishes are also a staple of Ferragosto celebrations so pay homage to this with our Quattro Stagioni pizza. Alongside slices of prosciutto cotto and a whole range of seasonal vegetables such as fresh tomatoes, artichoke, and black olives, enjoy the salty flavour of our sliced anchovies.

This annual festival is also an opportunity for locals to celebrate a successful summer harvest and as such most dishes are made using the most seasonal ingredients, including lots of vegetables such as courgettes, tomatoes, and olives. Our vegetarian antipasti, with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, and a range of Italian cheeses, or the selection of grilled vegetables with crisp bread, are the perfect sharing option for your own Ferragosto picnic to enjoy the best of Italian veg.

No Italian Ferragosto feast is complete without a feast of fresh fruit! Why not replicate this healthy dessert and round off your celebratory meal with our fresh fruit salad, a combination of tasty exotic fruits? The perfect refreshing way to round off a festive summer picnic! Compliment the whole, show-stopping picnic with a bottle of our Prosecco DOCG, made in Valdobbiadene Conegliano in the mountainous region of Veneto, and really get into the festive mood.

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