Ingredient of the Month- Burrata

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Ingredient of the Month- Burrata

This month we are introducing you to another of the authentic Italian ingredients we use- burrata.

With all of our ingredients we value true Italian produce and our buratta is no different, being sourced from supplier, Murgella. This company is situated in Murgia within the region of Apulia, the “heel” of Italy which is an area known for its simple, yet classically Italian cuisine.

Murgella is a family business, and has been making cheeses for three generations. They pride themselves on using only local milk and traditional production methods to create really high quality mozzarella, scamorza, and burrata.

Burrata is essentially an outer shell of pure mozzarella cheese, with a centre of mozzarella paste which has been stretched and shredded into what is known as stracciatella. This is then combined with cream to make the burrata middle. The burrata case gets it's fibrous, elastic texture through a process known as pasta filata, or spun paste. This technique involves steeping the curds in very hot water for several hours before removing them and kneading until they take on the soft, stringy texture typical of burrata and other cheeses, such as mozzarella. Murgella create their burrata by forming a spun paste bag, or shell, and later filling it with the creamy stracciatella. The bag is then carefully closed, giving the final cheese a smooth texture. The word 'burrata' means 'buttered' and refers to the rich, buttery texture of the filling.

Burrata goes especially well with cured meats which is why we use this award-winning cheese (Gold medal at the World Cheese Awards 2010) on our Burrata Bresaola pizza. Burrata, fior di latte mozzarella, grana, rocket, and bresaola, an air-dried, salted beef, combine to create a decadent, satisfying pizza. We have also created a salad that champions burrata in it's most classic form. Paired only with rocket leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, and a little olive oil, this salad is simple, letting the creamy, buttery flavour and texture of the burrata take centre stage.

Why not give one of these a go, to experience the smooth delight that is our burrata!  

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