Ingredient of the Month – The Perfect Summer Prosecco

  • The Perfect Summer Prosecco

Ingredient of the Month – The Perfect Summer Prosecco

This month we introduce to you our Prosecco DOCG, sourced exclusively from the hills of Valdobbiadene Conegliano in North-East Italy. It is made by the Gregoletto family, one of the oldest winemakers in the area, having been in the industry for over 400 years. Each bottle of their Prosecco undergoes a rigorous five step testing process to ensure it is of the highest standard.

Staying true to traditional methods the Gregoletto family carries out every step of the process by hand, from the picking of the grapes to bottling the final product. The patience and skill used throughout the process results in a wine that is pure, refreshing, and elegant. The family's techniques have been passed down orally through the generations, keeping the secrets of their Prosecco-making process closely guarded. The family business is headed by Luigi with his two sons, Giovanni and Giuseppe, bringing a touch of modernity to the wines with innovative vinification methods.

The climate of the hillside area that Gregoletto operates from is responsible for the unique flavour of this Prosecco. Situated between the sea and the Prealps, the area maintains a mild climate, with constant breezes, allowing the grapes to dry quickly after rainfall. The vineyards are grown on the south-facing slopes of the hills exposing the plants to the Italian sunshine and the grapes Gregoletto uses for their Prosecco are selected from the middle hill where they are left to ripen for longer. This gives the grapes a little more acidity and results in a more aromatic final product.

The soil of the hills also contributes to the fresh flavour of the Glera grapes used to make the Gregoletto's sparkling wine. Originally brought to the hills through a process of raising sea and lake beds, the soil deposits were remodelled by the movement of glaciers. The result? Soil that is rich in sand, clay, and iron oxides and which adds a mineral flavour to wines made in the area.

A combination of family expertise and the unique climate of Italy's Northern hills is what gives the products of this area their unique flavour and quality. The Prosecco DOCG is dry and delicate yellow in colour with subtle flavours of acacia flowers and apples and finishes on a long, fruity note. The perfect refreshing drink to add an air of class and celebration to your summer, why not pair it with your next Basilico's pizza and make your evening that little bit more special?

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