Latteria Soligo: A Cheese-Maker with a Conscience

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Latteria Soligo: A Cheese-Maker with a Conscience

Basilico is proud to present its customers with pizzas that boast only the highest quality of toppings. This month's ingredient, our mozzarella, not only tastes great but is also produced by a supplier who strives to make authentic Italian cheeses, using traditional methods, that are as eco-friendly as possible.

Established in 1883, Latteria di Soligo's founders would settle for making nothing less than perfect products. This commitment to excellence has been assiduously maintained, with the company striving for the highest levels of authenticity and taste, all the time respecting the land, its history, and its cultural traditions. Unwilling to create products that would simply be termed “good”, or even “high quality”, Latteria di Soligo collaborates with universities and research institutions to work out how to best meet the consumer's needs, all the while respecting traditional cheese-making techniques. Perfection is always sought for and achieved.

The products of Latteria di Soligo are characterised by the technical prowess with which they are made, resulting in a great tasting result every time. Their secret to consistent quality is in the fresh milk, gathered from the 200 dairy farms in the company's Agricultural Cooperative. This, combined with traditional methods, means that Latteria di Soligo's mozzarella has achieved the European quality mark TSG (traditional speciality guaranteed). The mozzarella that they supply to Basilico is a fresh cheese with a subtle flavour. Beginning production of mozzarella in the 1960s, Latteria di Soligo uses only natural rennet in their recipe, and traditional techniques to thicken the milk; so there is no need to add citric acid which features in the great majority of mozzarella production. Latteria di Soligo's mozzarella is the epitome of simplicity at its best, made with only 3 ingredients – milk, vegetable rennet, and salt.

With the keen idea of the responsibility they have towards their community and the environment, Latteria di Soligo is proud to maintain high ethical standards. Guaranteeing that agricultural milk farmers are recognised for their importance in the community, and are rewarded for their contributions, the company ensures that every farmer is paid a fair income for their produce. They provide further assistance to producers through helping them to breed cows, and run their farms to maintain high quality standards. Their compassion is extended also to the cows that produce the milk. When not put outside to graze, they are kept in comfortable conditions with sufficient air circulation and are fed a well balanced, and sufficient, diet that satisfies all nutritional needs. Respecting the environment is of paramount importance to Latteria di Soligo and, as such, permeates every layer of production, from the use of renewable sources of energy to the designing of packaging that is 100% recyclable.

Latteria di Soligo proves that you don't need to compromise on taste, techniques, or tradition to produce ingredients that are kinder to the planet, and that is why Basilico London pizza experts are proud to use their mozzarella when making our gourmet pizzas.

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