Personalise Your Own Pizza 'Primavera'

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Personalise Your Own Pizza 'Primavera'

When thinking about Spring foods, the mind might spring to fresh salads before pizza.

However, here at Basilico we think that, with a little creativity, one of our margherita pizzas, and our 'customise' option, you can design a unique pizza that will perfectly fit your tastes while using the best of seasonal produce.

For the Vegetarian

Springtime really allows vegetarian pizzas to come into their own, with a huge selection of great-tasting vegetables to choose from. Take advantage of this by topping your margherita with plenty of iron-packed spinach and pairing it with our rich ricotta. Revamp this classic combination by adding superfood artichoke for a slightly sweet and nutty flavour that will go perfectly with the delicate taste of the cheese, as well as helping you towards your fibre, vitamin k, and antioxidant intake for the day.

Want a pizza that packs in bold flavours while still making use of the best of seasonal veg? Choose asparagus as a main component of your dish, alongside creamy burrata and some rocket to add a little peppery kick. Mushrooms will add a “meatiness” to your pizza, as well as a good dose of vitamin D meaning you can get your necessary levels of the “sunshine vitamin” even when the Spring weather is being a little temperamental.

For the Meat-Eater

For a more protein-heavy take on Spring pizza, work with the classic combo of chicken, basil, and tomato by topping your pizza with strips of our smoked chicken, green pesto, and fresh cherry tomatoes. Why not add free-range egg to the mix, to really hit your protein requirement for the day, while paying homage to the traditionally seasonal availability of eggs.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether pineapple on pizza is right but we think, if you pair it with other excellent ingredients, why not? If you want to champion this idea, couple this exotic, vitamin C-rich fruit with our capocollo, an Italian ham that has been seasoned with red wine, garlic, herbs, and spices, for a new take on the classic ham and pineapple combination. If you want a little more of a kick out of your pizza, our spianata piccante, seasoned with chilli, will deliver the ham-and-pineapple experience with a little extra heat.

Our 'customise' option gives you the chance to take our wood-fired pizzas and make them your own, letting your imagination run wild and trying out interesting new combinations of toppings.

What would you put on your Spring pizza? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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